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Since 2003, I’ve been communicating with single women in many countries who are choosing to build a family on their own. This website will help you find the podcasts, articles, resources and events specially designed for our Choice Mom community.

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Q&A: Fertility Tourism

A single woman in the Middle East wrote me recently wondering what her options might be — certainly outside of her own region — for conceiving a child on her…

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All By Myself: Facing the Empty Nest Alone

A woman on the Choice Mom Over 40 discussion board posted recently that, now that her twins are teenagers, she is beginning to recognize the day is coming when she will be Alone again. She wondered whether we could create a new Choice Moms resource for those of us on this journey who are feeling the…

NEW Podcast: Noted specialist shares insights about age related fertility

At the Choice Mom Networking Event in Boston (Summer 2013) we had an opportunity to talk with noted fertllity specialist Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni, of Fertility Solutions. In this discussion we hear from her about: the hands-on patient-oriented approach of Fertility Solutions age related fertility factors the difference between seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and an ob/gyn…

The Choice Mom E-Guide to Fertility for Singles

There is nothing that prompts more questions on Choice Mom discussion boards than when a single woman is purposely trying to conceive. We quickly learn how little we know about something we’ve been taught can be so easy. The Choice Mom Guide to Fertility gathers the most common questions and answers them, with the help of 15 fertility specialists we interviewed specifically for this book.