2013 Event: Choice Moms San Francisco

We had a great event in July 2013 for Choice Moms San Francisco. From that, we have several new ways to connect for women in the Bay Area, as well as single women anywhere who are struggling to conceive, and who are building families with donated egg or embryo.

Discussion with some of the women there led me to enhance our discussion board options, which you can find listed in the menu above, including a new space for women who have had more than six unsuccessful cycles trying to conceive.

Thanks especially to California Cryobank, which has done more than any other company to help me find the time to create Choice Mom resources, including more than 25 of these networking events.

I also had wonderful support for this recent San Fran networking event from Laurel Fertility Care, and Maia Midwifery.

What we talked about

  • “How do we do it? The emotions and logistics of this journey” — much of this Choice Moms panel was recorded and will be available on the Choice Chat podcast, including the personal story of a firefighter of two, a mother of a newborn who struggled through the Trying stage, and a woman who has recently decided to move past the Thinking stage after several years
  • We had small group discussions for women about fertility concerns and the sperm selection process; the emotional journey; and a grab-bag of topics that included trying for two, estate planning and maternity leave
  • “Talking about donors, dads, and dates” panel, which included for the first time my 14-year-old daughter talking about growing up as a Choice Kid
  • Congratulations to the lucky winners of a free vial of sperm from California Cryobank, a $500 discount on IUI/IVF services from Laurel Fertility, and a free class on fertility enhancement from Maia Midwifery

My thanks to Madeline Feingold for moderating the small group discussion about navigating the emotional terrain of the Choice Mom journey, and to the Choice Mom panelists Christine, Laurel and Daniela who shared their personal stories. I’d also like to thank Dr. Colin Smikle and Maya Scott-Chung, MPH, from Laurel Fertility Care, and Kristin Kali of Maia Midwifery, for returning to offer so much valuable insight to the Choice Mom community (Laurel and Maia also participated in our 2010 event), as well as Melonee Evans from California Cryobank for representing our long-time Choice Mom sponsor.

We also got acquainted for the first time with Anne Gyemant Paris, new to our resource partners, who will help me create an e-guide about third party reproduction law, including contracts with known donors, surrogates and adoptive families.

Reminder to all registrants not covered by insurance that Laurel Fertility is offering a 25% discount on an initial fertility consultation.

I also spoke at a Friday night event in Oakland, set up by Maya of Laurel Fertility, for people of all genders and orientations looking to learn more about conception options. I learned many great things from that event and will write about that as well, including an introduction to a great holistic health center, Lolo.



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