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The process of proactively becoming a mother, especially as a single woman, is scary, thrilling, stressful, enervating, controversial, transforming. There are hundreds of thousands of us who choose single motherhood.

Through the resources of this website, thousands of us are now connecting and sharing our insights and fears, which is a powerful step on the journey. And it is something I am almost as proud of as I am of my two children.

our family in earlier days (2007)

our family in earlier days (2007)

I became a Choice Mom (aka single mother by choice) in 1999, adding to our family in 2004.

Women who choose to become single mothers tend to be strong-minded, resourceful, and independent. We also tend to think we’re supposed to do everything alone. Part of the journey is to get over that and proactively build our team, make new connections, and seek out insight from our community.So…on behalf of the step you are taking here…

Welcome to the community.
Welcome to the discussion.
Welcome to the journey.


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Choice Moms has been a sponsor of CARE, which helps mothers and children worldwide. We have also donated to homeless and transitioning mothers at Simpson’s Shelter.