our mission

Building Community, Resources and Services for Choice Moms Worldwide

This website is developed by Choice Moms LLC, an affiliate of Be-Mondo Publishing Inc. Founder Mikki Morrissette is author of Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide, and other books for non-traditional families.

The mission of Choice Moms is threefold:

1) To create a supportive, welcoming, educational environment for single women who consciously decide to become mothers without a partner.

2) To create print and online tools of communication, as well as to advocate for Choice Moms and their children.

3) To create points of connection that bring women together in special events and activities designed to help them celebrate this journey, share their struggles and concerns, and learn the best ways to dedicate themselves to the lives of their children.

We welcome the assistance of Choice Moms, Choice Kids, industry experts and sponsors as we meet these goals.

For general inquiries, reprint rights and sponsorship opportunities, please use the Contact form.