Baby books

These have been recommended by other Choice Moms.

And Then There Was Me, by Gloria Finkbeiner

From Joyce: "This is my favorite single mom baby book. It is out of print, but you can still get it through Amazon. My Baby & Me: A Single Parent’s Journal for the First Five Years, by Judith Levy"

From Paulette: I bought the loose leaf baby booklet from Hallmark to begin with, as I thought I wanted a traditional baby book, but what I love the most is the baby book I created my way via scrapbooking. If there is an Archivers store near you, check it out. They have the most wonderful baby book items that you can make uniquely yours. And if you don’t know how, they have workshops. My favorite is Scrapmania, 6 hours of fun…they have demos and feed you as well."

From Amy: "There is a really great option for baby books out there that I found out about on the pregnancy boards. There’s a Wisconsin-based company, Tessera, that makes albums that are customizable because the bindings can be taken apart and different inserts can be put in. They have ones for Christian holidays, Jewish holidays, and Single Moms. You remove the pages that refer to dad, the two-sided family tree, and you replace them with the ones focused on single moms. They even have more stuff on trying to conceive, making the decision, etc. More expensive than a bookstore or baby store album but it’s great!"

From Sally: Nordstrom has beautiful baby books with no mention of "father."


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  1. February 18, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    I just want to let everyone know about my favorite parenting book for parents of children birth – five. It’s got it all: development, discipline strategies, and unique situations. One of the authors wrote the book, "The Courage to Heal" (about sexual abuse). This book is for all types of families and is very inclusive. It’s called, "Becoming the Parent You Want to Be" by Laura Davis and Janis Keyser. You will love it!

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