PODCAST: Trying to Conceive as a Single Person

It’s amazing what we discover we don’t know about fertility when we’re trying to conceive as a single person. ChoiceMoms.org has a tremendous amount of information about the fertility process for women on the journey, ranging from logistical to emotional. Here are some of the podcasts on the topic.


Three notable fertility specialists spell everything out on this “Birds and the Bees for Grown-ups” discussion. Dr. Rani Abassi (Columbia Fertility Associates, D.C.), Dr. Isabel Ryan (Pacific Fertility Center, SF) and Dr. Debra Wachs (Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area) walk us through everything we need to know about our own fertility, including a lengthy discussion about how to detect our ovulation window.


I talk with Dr. Isabelle Ryan of Pacific Fertility Center (SF Bay Area) about the basic steps a woman needs to take if she is proactively trying to conceive. We talk about the tests that can help assess the likelihood of fertility success before taking costly insemination attempts with donor sperm. We define FSH and ovarian reserve. And we discuss how treatment plans are devised based on scientific factors, and how success rates typically change at different ages.


patriciaMendellUsing insemination to build a family is not usually anyone’s ideal method to parenthood. Sometimes we feel grief about not sharing the process with a partner. We might resent being asked by a fertility clinic to talk to a counselor before taking this step — or wish we had someone to talk to about it. We don’t know what questions we should be asking, or if we’re working with the right doctor. How do we decide when it’s time to let go of one method, and maybe consider another?

In this interview with Patricia Mendell, a New York City-based psychotherapist, who has herself experienced the pain of fertility challenge, we talk about the emotions and stress of seeking fertility treatment for anyone who is using donor sperm, donor egg, or considering adoption.


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