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Where Are Choice Moms?

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Each year I check the numbers of visitors coming to the website, and where they are coming from. Each year those numbers go up, often dramatically, with no marketing budget. That means that each year there is an increase in women around the world individually seeking and finding the information we provide about 1) how to…

Choice Mom EGUIDES

Thanks to your support, as well as Choice Mom-friendly advertisers and sponsors, we are able to provide extensive insights in our growing Choice Mom E-guide series. “Retrospective: 18 Years as a Choice Mom,” ($4.99, 50 pages, 2017), what I’ve learned from my kids, and thousands of single mothers by choice along the way   FREE (use “add…

Options for LGBTQ and Singles

Thanks to long-time Choice Mom sponsor The Sperm Bank of California, a non-profit that has long provided Identity-Release® donors and research to non-traditional families, we have developed many unique resources over the years. Here are a few: Guide to LGBTQ Options Choice Fertility newsletter Questions to ask a sperm bank

Want to know about sperm donors?

This website has an extensive library of resources about sperm donors and the sperm donation process. Here are the highlights. STEP 1: Explore Options There are many types of sperm donors. Your first step will be to explore the options and decide what is right for you: anonymous, known/direct, open-identity I tend to recommend finding an open-identity…

Choice Chat PODCAST

Thanks to long-time Choice Mom sponsor Seattle Sperm Bank (formerly European Sperm Bank of USA) we have maintained access to our Choice Chat podcast, featuring more than 50 interviews on topics of interest to the single mother by choice community. Find a full listing of podcasts by topic area. Find individualized information about each podcast.


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We have Choice Moms contributing stories from around the world and on many diverse experiences: about their journeys through embryo donation and surrogacy pursuing fertility tourism in Mexico wrestling with leaving a partner in order to have a child grieving pregnancy loss alone reporting on the empty nest syndrome from South Africa to Belgium to…


This website was created to give the single mother by choice community — and single women thinking of becoming a Choice Mom — extensive resources about the journey. I am a long-time writer, Choice Mom of two, and author of the popular “Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide.” Thanks to advertisers and sponsors who have proven to…