Tax deductible fertility expenses: sperm, miles, doctors

A woman on a Choice Mom discussion board asked: is sperm considered one of the tax deductible fertility expenses in the United States? Carla-Elaine, a Choice Mom who is a tax agent, responded: yes, sperm is considered a fertility medical expense. “You can also include medical mileage, doctors appointments, IVF/IUI fees, psychologist fees, etc. For…

Money matters: Do you know yours?

I have managed to go 11 years without holding a full-time job. I am Choice Mom of two kids, own a large home, and am self-employed with now as my primary source of income. So…how have I managed to do that?

Can you afford to do this?

Uber organized Jessica, a Choice Mom in every way, will deliver her first child in a few months. While she was in the Thinking process — preceding a long Trying phase — she developed a worksheet that calculated how much she would need to spend trying to conceive, for prenatal care, for newborn items, and for post-delivery childcare expenses for a year. Here are the numbers she came up with.