PODCAST: Relieving newborn baby mom stress

Two strong Choice Chat radio shows about relieving newborn baby mom stress. PEDIATRICIAN Especially if you are a new mom, single parents need stress-relief strategies and energy boosts. Noted pediatrician Dr. Robert Sears, a spokesperson for Happy Baby, offered in my December 2009 radio show tips for relieving the stress of being a newborn baby mom. He…

Emotions: Coping with postpartum depression

After a Choice Mom wrote about her surprise to be dealing with post-partum blues, despite all the planning and preparation she’d put into having a child, one of the therapists in the Choice Mom network who responded was New York City’s Patricia Mendell. She offered this information for any new mother.

Tips for coping with newborn life

My favorite connection to see at Choice Mom networking events is when our experienced moms can reassure the pregnant and newborn moms that "everything is going to be all right." I started collecting tips on how to deal with the logistics of newborn days after three women in my local area had babies within a week.

What I’ve learned as a new Choice Mom

Some time ago on the old Choice Moms blog format, Denise offered these fun and wise thoughts on what she’d learned after 10 months of Choice Motherhood. They were too priceless to disappear, so I’ve resurrected them here. We invite you to add your own.