Sad News: Choice Mom Janice Garfunkel

I’m very sorry to have learned from Marinela that Choice Mom Janice Garfunkel (Cincinnati), 54, lost her battle with breast cancer, leaving behind her two daughters. Here is how Janice described things in her blog: “I am a single mom of two fabulous children (1999 and 2003), and was diagnosed out of the blue with…

Monica: My Single Parent Adoption Story

By the age of 34, I had a graduate degree, a house, a good job and a few years of travel under my belt. I’d been trying to become a mom for 18 months and had 8 failed IUIs with a donor. I had chosen the donor route because I thought it would be faster, cheaper and easier than adoption. Boy, was I wrong. I took another look at adoption and decided to go for it. Here’s my story.

What I learned from my failed adoption

After waiting over a year for my adoption to finalize, I’ve accepted that I will never become a mother
through my current adoption program. I’ve learned a lot hard lessons along the way. The only
redeeming feature of my journey? The chance to tell others how to avoid a similar fate. If you are
considering adoption, here is what I’ve learned:

Confusion: Choosing between Partner or Child

I recently heard from this woman, in search of some outside insight. And it’s no wonder, when you read her story. Yet, it’s not an uncommon dilemma. Many of us have been in this place. Or have faced similar indecision about whether Choice Motherhood is the right step. What do you suggest for her?