My Life as an Egg Donor

I’m hearing from more women who are interested in learning about egg donors and embryo adoption. It’s been suggested that the door to adoption might seem more limited for single women right now, making egg donation a more popular choice. Whatever the reasons, this new Choice Mom has a story to share about her past life as an egg donor, for those who are curious about the women behind the scenes.

Shannon: Help in the TTC process

This excellent Choice Mom-in-the-making blog and post came to my attention when the author, Shannon, posted it on the discussion board. Anyone in the trying-to-conceive stage should read it as a reminder of why it is important to build a team to help in the TTC process. (originally posted by Shannon, who launched her Chasing Rainbows…

Stacey: Just You and Me, Kid

Even the most independent or progressive among us didn’t play house without at least going through the motions of assigning someone the dad role…Our childhood fairy tale fantasies involved Prince Charming and happily ever after, not donor number 5931…and a brief encounter with a syringe. Thus begins a wonderful new memoir by a Choice Mom.…

Diana: can I raise a child without a father?

While in London I had the pleasure of meeting a woman at the Choice Mom gathering who told me about how she had decided some time ago that she definitely would not become a single mom — partly after reading my "Choosing Single Motherhood" book. 18 months later, however, she’s back on the path. I asked her to share her story about the thinking process.

Q&A: Choosing between partner or child

A 40-year-old woman has been involved for five years with a man who doesn’t think he wants a child. They broke up a few years ago because she wanted a child, and he said he’d go along with it. But she now realizes that’s probably not going to happen. She is in the common Thinker’s…