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A Letter of Hope

This time of year is a struggle for so many. And for single women who long to start a family, particularly those facing the challenges of fertility over 40, it can be especially difficult. A woman wrote recently on the Choice Mom discussion board that she was giving up hope. She was unhappy about the…

Choice Mom EGuide: About Embryos

One of the most exciting developments I see for Choice Moms in the coming years is the opening up of the relatively new embryo donation frontier for those women whose own eggs aren’t working. New players in the field are working with single women.

Navigating the world of embryo donation

Embryo donation is the process of using embryos that have been created during an IVF treatment, but not selected for implantation — the couple or individual who has decided they are now done building their family has the choice to donate those remaining embryos for others to use. Originally, these embryos were largely stored by…

Marynell: Saving for adoption

I am a 44-year-old former teacher turned librarian in Tennessee and am now experiencing the most blessed time of my life. In my mid- to late 30’s I researched becoming a mom on my own. I had been divorced for years and had not met anyone with whom I wanted to spend my life, but…

Creating Embryos for Sale

Discussions are beginning next week by the ethics committee of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine about potential policies involving embryo donation. At the heart of these discussions is the question whether it is morally acceptable for fertility clinics to create embryos specifically for the purpose of selling them.

The Embryo Donation frontier

As I begin exploring the area of embryo adoption for the Choice Mom community, I am finding partners in the area who can talk us through the wide open frontier it seems to be right now. Here are my notes from one recent conversation.

If you have embryos in storage…

If you have used eggs and sperm to create embryos outside of your body, as a growing number of families have done because of fertility challenges, the question naturally arises about what to do with the frozen embryos remaining in storage.

Exploring Embryo Donation

More Choice Moms are looking into embryo donation these days, perhaps because international adoption doors once open to single women seem closed right now because of protracted governmental regulatory issues. Here are a few things you should know about this growing family-building option: