Home Insemination

Choice Mom Eguide: Home Insemination

There are many women who visit this website looking for information about home insemination. It is one of the most popular search terms at ChoiceMoms.org. Now, in one 25-page package, is the best information for this community. Visit our Eguides page for a $4.99 download of the 2015 Choice Moms E-Guide: Home Insemination, which was…

Shipping Sperm to Home

We asked a few sperm depositories about their policy on shipping sperm to home locations instead of to doctors clinics. NOTE: See also the 2016 Choice Mom E-guide: About Sperm and the E-guide: Home Insemination The Sperm Bank of California: We have always shipped to womenʼs homes for home insemination or just if they prefer…

Ask the Fertility Experts

This audio library features clips from fertility experts I interviewed about several questions, featuring:


About Follicles

Treatment Options

About Mucous

Impact of Weight


Egg Quality

Age Factor 

About cervical caps for home insemination


Fresh or frozen sperm?

A common concern of Choice Moms-in-the-making is how the success rate differs when using fresh or frozen sperm. Do you diminish your chances of success when using frozen sperm? I asked three experts, with different perspectives, about their thoughts. NOTE: See also the 37-page 2015 Choice Mom E-guide: About Sperm and E-Guide: Home Insemination Alice…