Known Donor

Choice Mom Eguide: Home Insemination

There are many women who visit this website looking for information about home insemination. It is one of the most popular search terms at Now, in one 25-page package, is the best information for this community. Visit our Eguides page for a $4.99 download of the 2015 Choice Moms E-Guide: Home Insemination, which was…

My Known Donor Warning

This woman shared her story on the Choice Moms discussion board, and I thought it was a great reminder to women using a known donor: Make sure you talk about sperm testing before spending too much time trying to conceive.

Known donor safety: online sites

A growing number of independent websites and discussion groups have formed that connect donors directly with people who are in search of sperm. There obviously are no safeguards with this kind of contact. Many of the donors indicate they are giving altruistically, motivated only to help people create families.