Preparing for delivery

PODCAST: Finding a doula

How do you pick a birth coach, and what can they offer pre- and post-delivery? In this radio show, which I produced in 2010, we talk about finding a doula. We hear the wonderful story of four Choice Moms who delivered two babies in 24 hours with the coaching of the same single mother by…

What I do as a Midwife

Michelle is a Choice Mom and midwife I personally know who has delivered many Choice Kids into the world — in one case, she delivered two Choice Kids within 24 hours. In a recent discussion board topic, a newly pregnant woman asked for information about the role of a midwife — and how to find one. Here is what Michelle says.

Humor: Preparing to Deliver a Baby

Now that I’m getting really close to D-Day (supposedly less than six weeks, which is just totally unimaginable after a lifetime of waiting), I am finding myself more and more irritable rather than excited. I’ve heard that there are women out there who just love being pregnant, that they glow and bond and gain three pounds and have amazing hair. I am not one of those women.

Making Room for Baby: decluttering tips

When I lived in my one bedroom floor-through apartment in New York City with my young daughter, I did start to feel overrun in that first year by the THINGS she needed. I was frugal, but still had the diaper pail, stroller, Baby Bjorn, exersaucer, 3-in-1 travel crib (used everyday), and a growing collection of plastic chewy items. So it was no surprise when the organizing experts at the New York City Choice Mom event drew a crowd.