Who Are Choice Moms?

Debating the politics of single motherhood

A woman who is preparing to write about the Choice Motherhood lifestyle in a community that doesn’t think single parenting is such a good thing asked me to offer some resources. I realized that many of you might benefit from some of my overview on the politics of single motherhood, in your own conversations with…

Nature vs Nurture: book excerpt

I’ve become acquainted with the interesting work and brain of Harvard professor Steven Pinker, and have been reading his 2002 book The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature. So it was with pleasure that I read (pages 398-399) some of his thoughts on the nature vs nurture debate as it relates to how…

Stacey: Just You and Me, Kid

Even the most independent or progressive among us didn’t play house without at least going through the motions of assigning someone the dad role…Our childhood fairy tale fantasies involved Prince Charming and happily ever after, not donor number 5931…and a brief encounter with a syringe. Thus begins a wonderful new memoir by a Choice Mom.…

Who visits ChoiceMoms.org, and why?

Since I’ve been keeping track of website traffic for two years now, I thought it would be interesting to share information about where we tend to live, what information we tend to look for on the website, and what’s been happening since I relaunched the website with its new format in February 2010.

Choice Mum Notes from the U.K.

Thanks to the generosity of Choice Mom Emily, I’ve been able to spend a wonderful 10-day holiday in London with my kids and parents. While here I met in Coram’s Field with 14 women, including Moms, Thinkers and Tryers from Belfast, Dublin, Belgium and many others in the United Kingdom. I also met with a large group of Ph.D. students in Cambridge, who were interested in the Choice Mom story.

Public debate: single mothers by choice

Well here it is…the public debate between a Glenn Sacks father’s rights crony (Robert Franklin) and myself on PublicSquare.net. Read, laugh, seethe, comment. I actually love the opportunity to offer a rational perspective, even if my opponent has a decidedly different viewpoint. Such as Franklin’s view that Choice Moms often trick men into having kids and then lie to keep them out of the child’s life. Here’s a synopsis, with links to the full debate.