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EGUIDE on LGBTQ Families: Are the Kids All Right?

“It is commonly assumed that the more a family deviates from the norm of the traditional two-parent heterosexual family, the greater the risks to the psychological well-being of the children. But is this really the case?” — Susan Golombok, long-time researcher of non-traditional and LGBTQ families Years ago I had the pleasure of talking with students at…

Debating the politics of single motherhood

A woman who is preparing to write about the Choice Motherhood lifestyle in a community that doesn’t think single parenting is such a good thing asked me to offer some resources. I realized that many of you might benefit from some of my overview on the politics of single motherhood, in your own conversations with…

Nature vs Nurture: book excerpt

I’ve become acquainted with the interesting work and brain of Harvard professor Steven Pinker, and have been reading his 2002 book The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature. So it was with pleasure that I read (pages 398-399) some of his thoughts on the nature vs nurture debate as it relates to how…

Public debate: single mothers by choice

Well here it is…the public debate between a Glenn Sacks father’s rights crony (Robert Franklin) and myself on PublicSquare.net. Read, laugh, seethe, comment. I actually love the opportunity to offer a rational perspective, even if my opponent has a decidedly different viewpoint. Such as Franklin’s view that Choice Moms often trick men into having kids and then lie to keep them out of the child’s life. Here’s a synopsis, with links to the full debate.