Choice Mom EGuide: Egg Donors and Egg Freezing

Choice babyThe 2015 Choice Moms EGuide: All About Eggs is a 47-page compilation of insights and Q&A on egg freezing, emotions of the journey, questions to ask before selecting an egg bank to choose among egg donors, and much more.

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This eguide is for you if:

  • you are wondering whether egg freezing is a good option for you and want the viewpoints of others who faced that decision;
  • fertility testing has revealed that your eggs might be beyond their expiration point for a viable pregnancy — or you have done too many cycles of IUI and IVF with your own eggs — and want to research another option to motherhood: how did women choose between egg donation and embryo donation?
  • you are grieving the loss of a genetic connection to your future child and want to understand how other women made the leap and how this might affect your relationship with your future child;
  • you are confused about the myriad options — in-house fertility clinics, free-standing egg agencies, private egg donors, fresh vs. frozen — and want to know what questions to ask before making a selection;
  • you are looking for a script about how to talk to your child about being conceived from donor eggs.

There is also a section on fertility tourism — one of the contributors traveled from the United States to Mexico for egg donation and shares her thoughts in detail.

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Table of Contents

  • Confronting the Reality of Our Eggʼs Shelf Life
  • Q: Should I Freeze My Eggs?
  • Egg or Embryo Donation: How do Choice Moms Decide?
  • Ask the Therapist: Dr. Deborah Simmons
  • Deciding to Go Ahead With Egg Donation
  • Sarah: Wrapping My Brain Around Using an Egg Donor
  • Fertility Tourism
  • Choosing an Egg Donor
  • Dana: Why I Used A Private Egg Donor
  • Becky: How I Decided on a Path
  • Questions to Ask an Egg Bank: Patricia Mendell
  • SPOTLIGHT: Donor Egg Bank USA
  • SPOTLIGHT: NW Cryobank
  • Comparison Chart: A Few Sample Egg Banks
  • When You Are a Parent
  • Ask the Therapist: Krista Post
  • Talking to Children About Donor Egg Conception: Dr. Madeline Licker Feingold

Paying It Forward

Please share this page with others who might want to understand more about the egg donation route.

And, if YOU choose this route to motherhood, please use the Reply section below to offer your own insights that can benefit other women.

  • What egg donation option did you use, and did it meet your expectations?
  • Can you recommend attorneys in this field to help represent interests in an egg donation contract?
  • If you are now a mother, has it impacted your relationship?
  • Do you have a surrogacy or gestational carrier story to share?

— Mikki


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  1. fertilDance
    February 25, 2015 at 7:19 am

    i am currently right in the process of making this choice. i will stay tuned and support others as i have more to offer. for now, i can recommend athens, greece and the facility here very highly and help make connections for other women, if you want.

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