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NEW: “Retrospective: 18 Years as a Choice Mom,” ($4.99, 50 pages), what I’ve learned from my kids, and thousands of single mothers by choice along the way

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Coming in 2017 with sponsor support:

      • “Fertility Questions Answered”
      • Annual Fall survey topic: “How do we answer the Daddy Question?”

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Global Guide: Fertility Clinics & Doctors

Thanks to Dr. Rani Abbasi, Columbia Fertility Associates.

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Finding Support

Thanks to therapists Deborah Simmons (Minnesota) and Joann Paley Galst (NYC).

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2016SpermCOVER1MOST POPULAR: About Sperm ($5.99, 40 pages) — including questions to ask before choosing a bank, a spotlight on four banks and a comparison chart of more than 10 banks on policy and price (including website links).

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CanadaCoverBecoming a Choice Mom in Canada ($4.99 Canadian, 30 pages) — Wisdom and resources for single women who choose motherhood in Canada, including personal stories about fertility perseverance and clinic options from Vancouver to Toronto, and expert advice about sperm donor options from Outreach Health Services.
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LGBTCoverChoosing Family: an e-book for LGBTQ family building, and connecting with ‘birth others’ ($3.99, 33 pages) — What research and experience says about LGBTQ families and the inclusion of ‘birth others’ in a child’s development.
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Home Insemination ($4.99, 25 pages) — insights from sperm and fertility experts, and Choice Moms, about the process and technique of home insemination, timed fertility, as well as legal insights about using a known donor.
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About Embryos and Embryo Donation ($5.99, 43 pages) — insights from doctors, therapists and Choice Moms about everything from “should I transfer one or two?” to “what should I do with my leftover embryos in storage?” to how to decide on an embryo donor.

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About Egg Donation and Egg Freezing ($5.99, 47 pages) — a compilation of insights and Q&A on egg freezing, emotions of the donor egg journey, questions to ask before selecting an egg bank, and much more.
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About Genetics ($3.99, 25 pages) — what can we know, and when can we know it, about sperm donors, embryos, and our own DNA, both before implantation and after pregnancy. How can a genetic counselor help? Can we keep donor-conceived children safer from anomalies? And how, really, does genetics work (a basic primer)?

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Choice Fertility newsletter — Part 1 ($6, 36 pages) — a bulk package of six issues of thematic topics related to the fertility journey. This series focuses on the early stage of Trying: what science says about fertility, 8 steps to conceiving as a single woman, choosing sperm, detecting ovulation, reducing stress, coping with miscarriage. Tips, checklists, expert insight, Q&A with fellow Choice Moms, all compiled into tight 6-page issues. Learn more here.

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Choice Fertility newsletter — Part 2 ($6, 36 pages) — This series of six issues focuses on more complex issues on the fertility journey: costs and medications, choosing between IUI and IVF, egg freezing and egg donation, about embryo transfers and donation, genetic testing, talking to our kids about donor conception. Tips, checklists, expert insight, Q&A with fellow Choice Moms, all compiled into tight 6-page issues. Learn more here.

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Emotions of This Journey ($3.99, 28 pages) — insight from women and therapists about how to deal with some of the common emotional struggles we face: should I leave a partner who doesn’t want a child? am I ready to start trying? is it time to try a new method to motherhood? how can I deal with the stress?

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In addition, see “Do I Have a Dad?” — a one-hour digital compilation of interviews with experts about answering the daddy question and talking about donor conception with our kids.

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FlutterCoverAnd learn more about the storybook written by a Choice Mom, illustrated by Choice Kids, “I Felt You Flutter in My Heart.”

Welcome to the discussion, and the journey!
— Mikki Morrissette, Choice Moms founder


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