The two Choice Kids of founder Mikki Morrissette

The two Choice Kids of founder Mikki Morrissette

This website was created to give the single mother by choice community — and single women thinking of becoming a Choice Mom — extensive resources about the journey. I am a long-time writer, Choice Mom of two, and author of the popular “Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman’s Guide.”

Thanks to advertisers and sponsors who have proven to be genuine Friends of the Community, this website has hundreds of free articles and podcasts. For a nominal fee, we have e-guides filled with insights on specific topics, and a digital compilation of audio interviews with experts about answering the Daddy Question.

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As a point of clarification, the Single Mothers by Choice organization is a separate organization that offers support groups for Choice Moms seeking social networks in their communities, throughout the U.S. and Canada.

— Mikki Morrissette, Founder, Choice Moms®


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