Choice Mom Eguide: Detecting Ovulation

There is nothing more maddening than thinking that your own body and its monthly cycles should give you great insight about when is the right day to try to conceive. But… we tend to learn that it is easier to say “no” to pregnancy than to say “yes.” The reproductive aspects of our body — especially when it comes to detecting ovulation — are more mysterious than we thought.

In the Choice Mom Eguide: Detecting Ovulation (16 pages, $2.95) we learn from fertility experts about what is really happening inside our body and how to pinpoint the right time for conception to occur. We also hear from Choice Moms about the methods of detection that did and did not work for them.

Here is what is included:

  • How does ovulation work?… “The egg will only live in the fallopian tube for a few hours before it dies off, and has to be fertilized by sperm almost immediately. This is why we say that it is much better to have the sperm there waiting for the egg since sperm live much longer.”
  • Methods of detection: Why bleeding might not signal ovulation… understanding Basal Body Temperature, LH testing kits, ultrasound monitoring, trigger injections
  • We bring out from Choice Mom archives the humorous story of Cathi: “I never knew what a dolt I was about female fertility until I tried to understand my own. So much math, charting, and gross mucus texture-testing.
  • Q&A from Choice Mom discussion boards: What ovulation detection products do you recommend?… How well did OPK’s time your ovulation?… Has anyone found research about how LH surge detection is not accurate for all women in timing insemination?… Can anyone tell me about the trigger shot?… Is it possible that my travel delayed ovulation?

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