Choice Mom Eguide: Home Insemination

There are many women who visit this website looking for information about home insemination. It is one of the most popular search terms at Now, in one 25-page package, is the best information for this community.

Visit our Eguides page for a $4.99 download of the 2015 Choice Moms E-Guide: Home Insemination, which was created thanks in part to the sponsorship of The Sperm Bank of California.

Some of what you’ll find inside:

The Legalities of Using a Known Donor, insights from Ami Jaeger, BioLaw

How to Inseminate Safely at Home

  • Q: What do I need for home insemination?
  • Q: How do I thaw frozen sperm vials?
  • Q: What technique should I use to inseminate at home?

What to Know About Sperm

  • Q: What are the options available for donated sperm?
  • Q: What is the difference in success rates for fresh versus frozen sperm?
  • Q: Will sperm banks ship to my home?

What to Know About Fertility, with insights from Kristin Kali, LM, CPM, of MAIA Midwifery and Fertility Services

  • Q: When does conception occur?
  • Q: If I get my period like clockwork each month, does that
    mean I’m fertile?
  • Q: How do I know when I’m ovulating?
  • Q: How can I enhance my fertility?

Choice Mom Stories

  • Choice Mom #1: My DIY Experience
  • Choice Mom #2: Speaking of Sense of Humor
  • Choice Mom #3: Using Fresh Sperm
  • Choice Mom #4: My Timetable to Home Insemination
  • Choice Mom #5: Using frozen sperm
  • Choice Mom #6: Enhancing fertility on my own
  • Why I Decided NOT to Use Home Insemination

— Mikki


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