Choice Mom Guide to Single-Parent Adoption

Although it might not seem like single people have as many options to adopt as couples — which is true in many countries and at several agencies — there are many Choice Moms today building and raising families because of adoption opportunities. Choice Moms Guide to Adoption is a 100-page guidebook, available in e-book form, that includes many personal stories from single women who are parents through open, transracial or foster care adoption.

There are also a growing number of stories on this website about single-parent adoption families, which you can find using the “Adoption” keyword. There you will find:

This is a blog post written by someone in 2009 about countries that allow single parent adoptions.

Choice Moms Guide to Adoption includes experts writing about parenting over 40, how to navigate the emotions of the adoption process, what to be aware of medically before accepting a placement.

You’ll learn from Choice Moms, adult adoptees and industry experts about the myths and realities of:

  • building transracial families,
  • negotiating open relationships with birth parents,
  • the cost and accessibility of adoption to single women,
  • bonding with your adopted child,
  • parenting over 40,
  • foster care options,
  • dealing with the emotions of the adoption process,
  • picking an adoption agency,
  • programs that welcome single applicants.

You can find the book listed on Amazon in print ($12.95) or in e-book form ($8.95, ASIN: B001MS826I).


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