Coming to grips with donor conception

Long-time Choice Moms adviser Patricia Mendell has created her own website that features articles and information of benefit to families conceived by donor conception.

She works with married couples, lesbian couples and single parents, so not all that she writes is geared specifically for the Choice Mom. But one comprehensive article about the psychological impacts of non-traditional family building appears on her website and covers egg donors and surrogacy as well as the more common sperm donor families.

An excerpt

The role of the mental health professional in preconception counseling is to help parents “sort through their fears, anxieties, and hesitancies as they come to make the most important decision of their lives.”

Not having all the body parts means that the child was created with the help of a birth-other; a real life person who gave their egg, sperm and/or body (surrogate) in order for the child to be born. In a single-parent family with an anonymous sperm/egg donor or surrogate, the individual can easily forget or minimize the role of the donor. They can believe that the donor-offspring child is “mine, mine, mine.”

If you are preparing for the non-traditional donor conception journey, take a look at her article to learn about anything you might not yet have thought about.


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