Creating an estate plan

After a Choice Mom died in her third trimester, leaving a son born posthumously, we became more aware of the importance of having an estate plan in place — as this Choice Mom had done — even BEFORE we conceive or adopt.

I have done three podcasts that focus on estate planning:

  • This conversation with two women who knew the Choice Mom who died (who we called Quinn), reminds us of the reason we need to have life insurance in place before we conceive, and an estate plan created before we bring our children home.
  • This 20-minute conversation with estate planner and Choice Mom Racheal Isan explains the basic options for anyone who is creating an estate plan for her child, including the difference between a will and a trust, the benefits of having a trust, and how to pick a guardian. She discusses what happens if we don’t have an estate plan in place, the cost of setting up a plan, and how state regulations have an impact.
  • This full radio show episode featured conversations at a Choice Mom workshop, inspired by Quinn’s death, that discussed how we take care of our child, legally and financially, as a single person with one paycheck. Experts included estate attorney Micah Salb, Ameriprise-affiliated financial planner Rebecca Hall, and insurance agent Gayle Thompson, who give special insight about what we need in place to protect our child if something happens to us.

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