SPOTLIGHT: CryoGam Colorado Sperm Bank

I have not yet met the people at CryoGam Colorado, which is new to the Choice Mom support community in 2016. But I do know a Choice Mom who worked with them recommended they become part of the Choice Mom community as a supporter. Here is a Q&A I did to learn more about their policies.

What helps you stand apart from competition?

We are a small company. You are guaranteed to speak to the same people every time you call into the office. We cater to every client’s individual needs and we have an on-call technician available to answer your questions after hours. We develop positive relationships with our donors as we see them on a weekly basis. It is FREE to set up an account with us and FREE to view our donor list. The only charges associated: cost of sperm, shipping/P&H, and (optional) purchase of long profile for $15. We keep a complicated process simplified.

Describe your inclusiveness

CryoGam Colorado works with and welcomes anyone who is looking to create a family. For over 25 years we have worked with lesbian individuals/couples, gay individual/couples, and Transgender individuals/couples. We have a specific page on our website dedicated to our LGBTQ clients.

What are your donor limits?

We limit to 20 live births, not including full siblings – eight within a geographical area, i.e. by state.

Do you have open identity donors?

All of our donors are completely anonymous. After the offspring turns 18 and can prove they were conceived with the donor, we will contact the donor and give them the offspring’s contact information. Ultimately it is the donor’s choice whether or not he wants to initiate contact with the offspring. We keep our donor contact information updated to ensure we will be able to communicate with them if needed. We also keep their SSN’s on file in case their contact information is out of date.

How do you select and screen donors?

Our donors must first pass a pre-screening questionnaire online before we interview them. If they pass, donors are interviewed by our director and fill out a 17-20–page donor profile, which includes three-generation medical and genetic history and personal health history of donor. If the donor’s profile passes standards, the donor will have a genetic review analysis through Genassist Inc.; physical examination completed by our board certified medical director; laboratory screening and testing completed through an FDA-certified laboratory. Please visit the following link on what communicable diseases and genetic defects we screen for. Donor must commit to at least six months of donating.


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