Do I Have a Dad? (digital download): for donor conceived children

This special 50-minute audio compilation ($7.99) features interviews with four experts about talking to our fatherless and donor conceived children about “daddies” and donors. It includes conversations with six Choice Moms about the kinds of questions and concerns they face as their children start using the daddy term or connect with their known donors — including one pregnant single mom who didn’t know her biological father. And it includes the insight of an anonymous donor who has had contact with grown offspring.

Tracks include:

  • Special insight for new moms, and Choice Moms-in-the-making
  • Jane Mattes: finding the “right” language (NYC)
  • Anne Bernstein: ages and stages of development (SF)
  • Diane Ehrensaft: guidelines for telling the story (SF)
  • Olivia Montuschi: talking about donor conception (United Kingdom)
  • How classmates, and family tree assignments, play a role
  • Addressing any sense of longing or loss with our children

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