Choice Mom EGuide: About Embryos

One of the most exciting developments I see for Choice Moms in the coming years is the opening up of donated embryos for single women whose own eggs aren’t working. Traditionally, these embryos have been represented by agents that want them to go to largely Christian-based homes headed by a husband and wife. But several IVF clinics and organizations, like Choice Mom sponsor Embryo Donation International, have been opening things up so that more embryos can go to a loving family that might include a single woman or a lesbian couple.

If you have leftover embryos in storage after IVF and are trying to figure out what to do with them… or if you are a Choice Mom looking into embryo donation rather than pay for donated egg, donated sperm and IVF for yourself… the 42-page Choice Moms E-Guide: About Embryos is a much improved updated version of our 2011 e-guide on this topic. It includes:

  • Q&A: how many embryos should I transfer?
  • How do I decide what to do with my remaining embryos?
  • The difference between Day 3 and Day 5 transfers
  • interviews with two experts who offer embryo donation programs
  • Choice Moms who openly discuss the philosophical and emotional issues that embryo donation raised for them.
  • Spotlight: Embryo Donation International, who is working with the Choice Mom community to make it easier for us to donate to each other
  • How to talk to our kids about being conceived from donated embryos

The insights of several of our Top 6 Choice Mom therapists is included. Both recipients and donors need to be careful about how many homes these embryos reach. Unlike offspring from donated sperm, which produces half siblings, these are full genetic siblings, started by a family that struggled with fertility, and now has to decide whether to relinquish remaining embryos to an unknown person, potentially in their geographic area.

Our Choice Mom-friendly therapists talk about bonding with a child not conceived from your own genetic material, a script for disclosure, and how to be a smart consumer when deciding on an IVF clinic and an embryo donation option.

— Mikki

Full Table of Contents

Understanding Embryos Used in IVF

  • Q: How does my clinic determine the best embryos for transfer?
  • Q: What does age have to do with success? Isnʼt technology improving my odds?
  • Q: Should I transfer one embryo or two?
  • Dr. Rafat Abbasi: Day 3 vs Day 5 transfer
  • Patricia Mendell: Before IVF
  • Success! Now… What Happens to Leftover Embryos?

Choice Mom Stories

  • Joanne, Arizona, 36
  • Kelly, Long Island, 42
  • Liz, Los Angeles, 46

Ask the Therapists

  • Madeline Feingold: On the Emotional Process
  • Q: How do you advise women to make decisions about embryo donation?
  • Q: What are the differences between “embryo donation” and “embryo adoption?
  • Krista Post: On Bonding With Your Child
  • Deborah Simmons: On Doing Your Research

Using Donated Embryos

  • One Clinicʼs View of Embryo Donation
  • Finding Donated Embyros
  • Be a Smart Consumer: How to Evaluate Embryos
  • Spotlight: Embryo Donation International

Becoming a Mother

  • Robinʼs Story: The Philosophical Journey
  • Q: What is Epigenetics?
  • Talking to Your Child About Embryo Donation

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  1. Victoria
    May 15, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    I would be interested in any updated information and how a single woman could apply for a donor embryo. Many thanks for your movement!

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