Explaining “family” and “donor”

When your uncle is also the sperm donor who helped your lesbian parents conceive, you might presume ‘the’ conversation about your origins would be a hard one. And what happens afterward?

Susan Cole wrote an essay about the experience she and her partner had with their daughter, who is now 22, in the excellent compilation of stories about the known donor route, And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents, and Our Unexpected Families, edited by Susan Goldberg and Chloe Brushwood Rose. Susan Cole’s story is a very helpful one for understanding how kids process the stories we tell them, and the impact our choices can have — which often aren’t what we expect.

This 6-minute clip is from a “Choosing Single Motherhood” radio show. Although Susan is not from a single Choice Mom family, my interview with her says a great deal about how we create balanced kids.


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