Fertility Tourism

A single woman in the Middle East wrote me recently wondering what her options might be — certainly outside of her own region — for conceiving a child on her own. So I’m asking the Choice Mom community that is familiar with fertility tourism to offer their resources.

I’ve heard from London-based Emily (always a great resource in that area), who offered this: “The women from the UK who travel tend to go to the Czech Republic (where you have to pretend to have a partner), Spain, Greece, or nearest for her, Cyprus. Israel and South Africa are also an option. If she needs to find out more, one of the best places is Fertility Friends UK, where there is a forum for those who travel overseas for treatment. Masses of information, but all of it personal / subjective, so she needs to be able to wade through it and prioritize. It can be overwhelming for someone who is just beginning to think of this. Also, there is an annual Alternative Families Show in London, which offers hundreds of services touting for business, and seminars and stalls offering info.

Fiona adds: “India and Thailand are good options (though I have some ethical issues with both around surrogacy). Both are big providers of fertility services to gay male couples in the US and Australia (where I’m now living). Here’s an example from Thailand that specifically mentions single women on the website. I imagine that she might actually get some information through websites serving the gay male surrogacy community.”

A woman in Canada recommended an IVF Canada forum, which has a conversation space specifically for women who are traveling for IVF.

An American woman I know who went to Mexico for affordable ($7,500) IVF with donor egg has written about her experience for this website.

A London-based woman had earlier shared her experience of traveling to Spain for fertility treatment in this story.

Use the “fertility tourism” tag to find these stories and others to come.

What else? What can you tell someone who needs to travel outside of her homeland to get fertility treatment as a single woman? Use the comments area below.



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