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Are you interested in reaching a unique niche with targeted and trusted educational content? We have opportunities ranging from $250 localized ads to $5K sponsorships.

Choice Moms LLC is a rich content provider, known for offering resources of integrity and detail for professional single women who are motivated and engaged in learning how to build families on their own.

COMING IN 2015: streamlining our 400 articles into the popular Choice Mom e-guide series… college talks… calendar entries for our supporters… Top 10 city guides.

2015 Sponsorship Packages (Limited)

Certain Choice Mom resources have exclusive sponsorship:

We are offering two new sponsorship options in 2015.

1. Fertility sponsors

  • The Fertility landing page had 7,722 visitors in 2014
  • Article: “What if my FSH is high?” – 6,155 readers in 2014
  • ​Article: “Should I transfer one or two embryos?” — 5,226
  • Article:  “Odds of IVF success over 40” — 3,695

Option A: Priority Status, one year: $5K…. close partnership on marketing/customer service opportunities, logo ad on all fertility stories (at least 40), spotlight “Friend of Community” article about your company, regular use as go-to expert based on current discussion board Q&A, inclusion of 5×7 ad in all e-guides.

Option B: Limited Status, one year: $2.5K… logo ad with link on at least 10 stories (guarantee of 20K readers over the year), spotlight “Friend of Community” article about your company, periodic use as go-to expert for related Q&A, inclusion of 5×7 ad in one e-guide.

Option C: Trial Status, half year, $1,250… same as Option B for six-month period.

2. College Talk Sponsorship

We’re in the process of lining up “What I wish I had known” talks at a few college campuses this year for postgraduate female students, particularly those in the law, medicine and psychotherapy programs (high numbers of Choice Moms come from this pathway). The talk will focus on anecdotes from my decade of conversations with women ages 35 and up… and options for motherhood down the road. If you are interested in being a potential sponsor of this tour, contact Mikki for details.

2015 Advertising Packages

This is a nice entry point for smaller companies, newcomers to the Choice Mom community, or service providers offering localized business. Landing one new customer during the year will pay for your ad.

Choice Mom E-guides

one year: $1K each, 5×7 inch jpg, includes logo ad and link on website article promoting the e-guide

  • About Eggs (newly released; advertising for 2015 still available)
  • About Sperm (second edition)
  • Fertility & IVF (first edition, 2nd Q 2015)
  • Home Insemination & Known Donors (first edition, 2nd Q 2015)

one year: $500 each, 5×7 inch jpg, includes logo ad and link on website article promoting the e-guide

one year: $250 each, logo ad and link

  • Localized Support Resources (see New York, and D.C., San Francisco coming, would like to develop London and others on Top 10 list)


“Conversations on social media are best left to bottom-of-funnel sales cycles and customer service. When building relevant audiences and extending brand reach, it’s better to focus on delivering targeted educational content on a regular basis.” — Inc. magazine, 3 Social Media Marketing Trends

About Choice Moms® and the Choice Moms® media enterprise is more than information. It is community. This is where motivated single women come to learn, explore and share the journey of motherhood. Where we find out about recommended products; explore fertility and adoption options; cope with stress, newborns and daily life as a working mom; learn from financial and legal experts.

See this list for our extensive group of sponsors who have supported us over the years.

Who Are We?

Choice Moms don’t relate to advertising and information created for couples. This is their space with like-minded single women who are building families.

We are women determined to create a loving, healthy home for a child. On average, we are between 30 and 49 years of age, own our own home, and tend to have postgraduate degrees, extensive travel experience and/or demanding careers. The Choice Moms brand is recognized in the community as a place for resources with integrity for smart, discerning single women.

Unique skill with original content

Created by the former executive editor of Time Inc. Custom Publishing, Mikki Morrissette, (Choice Mom of two and author of the award-winning “Choosing Single Motherhood” book), creates original content that is dynamically grouped into specific categories and keywords.

Women choose what they want to read based on the stages and topics pertinent to their life. They pay attention to advertisers and sponsors who are a resource for these articles and blog posts. Choice Moms works only with those who understand the mission to provide quality information based on what the community wants and needs. We turn away prospective advertisers who merely want to sell through ads. We work together to provide quality content that delivers what this unique audience of women wants.

How can we work together?

Sponsorship packages are created with those companies that provide a service or product that reaches a particular niche in the community, such as fertility doctors, sperm banks, ovulation predictor kits, newborn products, and more. These packages can include partnering on website blogs, podcasts, events and e-guides.

All advertisers must be singles- and lesbian-friendly. 

Mikki Morrissette, Founder, Choice Moms®