We can’t list all of the media that Choice Moms have been spotlighted in, but here are a few:

Book details
Here’s a quick synopsis of the author and book “Choosing Single Motherhood.”

Choice Mom Lori Gottlieb’s infamous Atlantic Monthly article about whether we should have married Mr. Good Enough.

Choice Moms founder Mikki Morrissette selected one of the Top 5 Community Builders in the single-parent community.

CNN website talks about the growth of purposeful single parenting, although the Choice Mom community is justifiably wondering whether the term “unwed” is archaic since this is the proactive choice of many women now.

New York Times Sunday Magazine focuses on how Choice Moms are connecting with each other.

You know when a New York Post columnist (Andrea Peyser) calls to interview you about Choice Motherhood that it’s not going to end up in print in a well-rounded way, so I wasn’t surprised when this column about Jennifer Aniston’s comments favorable to Choice Motherhood were pinpointed on sentences that supported the writer’s thesis. Otherwise, we had a lovely conversation about why I left NYC easily after 18 years to move closer to family, the fact that I find the newborn year tough, and that I talk honestly with Choice Moms about the ups AND downs because it frankly isn’t right for everyone.

Mikki’s appearance on Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act” (August 27, 2008), about the issues facing women who choose this lifestyle.

PBS’s all-female news and issues show, “To the Contrary” (July 18, 2008, show 1719), featuring interview with Mikki and basic panel discussion about the pros and cons.

Denver, NBC: Why this is a growing trend

Philadelphia, CBS: The Choice Mom trend

Huffington Post blogs

Defending single parenthood, in response to Ann Coulter

Mr. Good Enough debate

Why younger women seem to be less interested in marriage.

Why single women make great parents.

Myths about Choice Moms and single parenting

Poking at how we define family, and the two-parent model.

Pop culture
I was asked to comment on the glut of movies in Summer 2010 that were about Choice Motherhood, and how accurate they were, on AOL Movie website.

One of the earlier Choice Mom storylines on television (after the radical “oops” I got pregnant 1990s story on Murphy Brown) was on ABC’s “Private Practice” (Dec. 2008) – “I didn’t plan for the perfect wedding dress, the perfect ring. I planned to be a single mom — to be able to support my child. I know it is not conventional but it is how I want to live my life….”


When I was a guest blogger on, I wrote in response to Bill O’Reilly’s idea that Choice Moms diminish the role of dads.

One-hour interview with Choice Moms founder Mikki Morrissette and Single Mothers by Choice founder Jane Mattes on the online radio show.

Interview about the Choice Mom lifestyle, with Single Parent Assistance Resource Knowledge network

Check out the interview about Choice Motherhood at

U.K.’s Guardian, featuring women’s stories and Mikki commenting on the new U.S. trend for women in their 20s to consider this choice

Long interview with Mikki on Commitment website, for women who are committed to the lives they have created for themselves.

Salon: Debating the term “Choice Mom”

Rachel Sarah’s interview with me for Parents Action

How single women and lesbian couples have changed the donor industry landscape.

Who Choice Moms are and are not.

Nice profiles about a variety of Choice Moms
A writer based in North Carolina tells her personal story

Overview of Choice Motherhood, from San Jose Mercury