Happy Valentine’s Day gifts to new moms

I’m happy to report that 30 Welcome Kits went out to new moms last week. This is a special new perk to the Choice Mom community, which includes…

  • $500 discount on au pair services, from Cultural Care Au Pair
  • $500 of cord blood storage, for use by friends, family or self, from California Cryobank
  • 10 pages of tips about the Becoming stage, from ChoiceMoms.org and others
  • hand sanitizer — always a staple in newborn days — from Ameriprise
  • advice sheet on telling the donor conception story, from The Sperm Bank of California
  • a lovely welcome card for child, featuring the faces of other Choice Kids

This first wave of packages were sent to women who responded to my blog post a few months ago, letting me know that they brought a new child into their life recently, or are expecting one in the next month or so. Another wave of welcome packages will go out for Mother’s Day, to include the even more recent additions to our Choice Mom families.

— Mikki