What I’ve learned as a new Choice Mom

Some time ago on the old Choice Moms blog format, Denise offered these fun and wise thoughts on what she’d learned after 10 months of Choice Motherhood. They were too priceless to disappear, so I’ve resurrected them here. We invite you to add your own.

1. Your baby will stick their fingers up your nose and pry open your mouth while you are trying to sleep.

2. Bodily fluids become normal and natural, even something to be celebrated. “Yay, she pooped!”

3. You will have to count the amount of wet diapers that your baby produces everyday and tell your pediatrician or Doctor.

4. You will never, ever be able to sleep in again. Or at least not for a very very long time.

5. It is a good idea to go to your local police/fire station to see if you have installed your car seat correctly. I went to the local fire station and guess what? I had not installed mine properly and they fixed it for me. It was also a bonus to see the hunky fire fighters that were there. Is it a prerequisite for the job to be a hunk?

6. You can buy nursing pads that are re-usable and washable. They are fantastic!!

7. Your support system is essential.

8. It is a strength to be able to ask for help when you need it, not a weakness. We are all humans and we all need one another.

9. At some point after you have your first, you will consider having another one.

10. You may or may not grieve your SMC status. I think that you will be more at peace with your decision to be an SMC if you are divorced as opposed to never married. However, I may be wrong on this. I will let you know in a few years.

11. The love that you have for your child/children is not like any love that you have ever experienced or that you will ever experience. It is unique, special, unconditional and lifelong. I am 41 and mom STILL worries about me.

12. It is possible to be really really tired but really really happy at the same time.

13. You won’t resent the fact that you can no longer go to bars and dance the night away till 5 am. And even if you get a babysitter, it is unlikely that you will do that.

14. Separation anxiety is very real and a bit troubling even though it is very normal.

15. Unless you really love your job (and even if) you probably won’t want to go back to work after your 1 year mat leave (I am speaking to my fellow Canadians here, I frankly cannot even fathom only getting 6 weeks or so. I feel for the American SMC’s).

16. Having your own baby will probably bring you close(r) to your own mom/parents. Again, I could be wrong here but it definitely brought me closer to my mom and we were already VERY close.

17. The only truly “free” time that you will have is when your child naps and sleeps at night. Yahoo for that. Use that time wisely.

18. Every time that your baby smiles at you or laughs with you, your heart will melt.

Feel free to add on!


  2 comments for “What I’ve learned as a new Choice Mom

  1. Kim
    September 27, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I’ve learned that motherhood is "more" than I could have possibly imagined in every single way…more exhausting, more heartwrenching, more frustrating and yet more love, more joy, more fulfilling than anyone who has not experienced it could ever comprehend.

  2. jenn
    September 24, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    #10 rings true for me. I’m divorced, and the mother now of twin girls (3 mos) and I love doing this on my own. I may be missing the co-parenting experience right now, but I do not regret the fact that I’m not with my ex!

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