Jen: dealing with PCOS

Jen submitted her story as a comment on the PCOS overview, and I decided to excerpt it as a Profile for more people to find and relate to

Hi! I am a “thinker” with PCOS. I am definitely not the poster child for PCOS. I never experienced symptoms until my early 20s and I am not overweight. I am 28 in a few weeks and have been diagnosed with PCOS since January 2009. I will start from the beginning (this may be a little long).

I was on birth control until I was 21. My ex-fiance and I met when I was 18. After two years we called off our wedding and split up, later finding out that I was pregnant. I had grown up without a father and realized I did not want to raise my child without that second parent and support from that person — something I would not have with my ex. He was not fit to be a parent nor was I. I had an ru-486 abortion (the pill).

Even with my facing infertility now, it is the best decision I ever made for me. I moved on with my life, grew into my own and realized what I really want out of life. Living without health insurance and going from job to job trying to grow in my career, I was pinching pennies. I failed to take care of myself the way I should have but did not feel like I had anything to worry about.

FINALLY I scored an awesome job that gave me benefits. I had noticed that my periods were growing farther and farther apart, sometimes 40 days! I also had terrible shooting right ovary pain. I explained to my new ob/gyn that I wanted a full work up because of not seeing a gynecologist for so long. I received the diagnosis as PCOS and IR (insulin resistant). They say if you have PCOS, you are insulin resistant. This plays a very significant role in targeting your PCOS and hopefully reversing its effects.

I myself have started an inositol supplement (this week) and am waiting to see a difference. I have been on birth control for almost a month now (to try and regulate my hormones and hopefully help me ovulate regularly). I am also on a gluten-free diet and even though I have been very conscious of what I eat all of my life, I am feeling so much better without gluten. It is hard sometimes to resist the good stuff like sweets and occasionally I do cheat, however I maintain all of my vitamins, supplements and keep the cheating to a bare minimum.

After being single for close to two years, I have been dating a wonderful man for the past five months who I am head over heels in love with. I am a “thinker” because I am not sure if I want to give up the dream! However, I know that I want to take necessary steps to have biological children in the future, with or without my boyfriend. In the spring I plan to have my eggs harvested and start making decisions as to what steps I will take next. I have a very loving and strong support system as well as financial stability and support, so these things are not keeping me from deciding to be a choice mom.

I never thought I would be making these decisions. I thought I would get married and have children without any problems. I hope that my story is beneficial to some as well as comforting.

I definitely feel like the minority on my PCOS forums. Many of those women are married and TTC or are just not thinking about TTC yet. Here at, I have met one person so far who suffers from PCOS. It is nice to finally have a place where I can not only talk about my “thinking” stage but also about dealing with PCOS and the struggles I may face TTC.


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  1. March 26, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    I have PCOS and had difficulty conceiving, but it is possible. I now have two biological children in spite of PCOS. It wasn’t the family I envisioned, the kids are 6 years apart, but they are healthy and happy. Don’t let PCOS get you down or allow yourself to believe that you will not be able to conceive.

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