Cathi’s Stories: finding humor in single parenting

Any of you who have been following Choice Mom resources over the years is likely acquainted with Cathi. She helps us in finding humor in the stress of trying to self-inseminate, in learning about her own fertility, in being pregnant, in being the mom of a newborn, and now in being simply, joyfully, Mom. Here is her story in a nutshell.

1. How did you become a Mom? I was probably starting to be a Thinker sometime in my mid 20s, but was definitely a serious Tryer by the time I hit 35. I used a known donor, a gay friend, and self-inseminated at home to become pregnant with my daughter (now almost three years old).

2. How do you handle the stress of single motherhood? Having a strong support system of friends, both online and in-person, has been invaluable. My immediate family all lives a country away, so it really is just the two of us, and you constantly underestimate how hard that makes everything.

3. What primary advice do you have for other women on the journey? I encourage everyone to take advantage of every available resource and tool you can get your hands on, and to not be afraid to ask lots of questions. Remember, you’re doing this for a good cause – your future family!

Here are some of our favorite resources from Cathi:


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