Moving to IVF after 40

On our yahoo discussion group for Choice Moms on the journey after the age of 40, a woman asked for stories of hope from others who had paid that kind of money, at that age, and found success.

The woman had tried nine IUIs, and learned this week, as we approach the Christmas holiday, that this last one didn’t work either. She’s worried about the expense of IVF, of course.

Women have started to respond. (And if you want to join this group, for women over 40 who are Choice Moms, or are embarking on the path after the age of 40, apply for free membership here.)

Such as the 41-year-old, now 12 weeks pregnant with twins, who last fall had had to correct blocked fallopian tube and cysts, after getting out of a relationship that didn’t work. Her retrieval netted 27 eggs — 14 embryos! Her second transfer succeeded.

Another woman reported she did her first IVF after three IUIs. Her retrieval yielded nine mature eggs, five put back in, but none worked. She had to do her second IVF early, because an egg was maturing quickly, and only two eggs were retrieved. But both were fertilized and implanted. “And now I’m the happy mama of a six-month-old perfect daughter! I was 43 when I had her (turned 44 the next month) and did everything in 10 months. I did everything I could to make this happen, I’ll figure out my debt another time. Go for it!”

What about you? Whether it is about IVF after 40, or something else on the journey to motherhood, what stories of hope can you share as we close the chapter on another year and open up to a new 2012?


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  1. Victoria
    February 20, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    I did my first IVF 2 month shy of my 40th B-day had 12 eggs extracted with 9 embryos, 3 did not make it. Had 4 embryos put back in and one took. I now have a healthy 21 month old boy and am going for the second round at age 42. I was able to freeze 2 embryos from my first cycle, but they did not take, so I am starting over with the new IVF cycle and hope I can get one more healthy, funny and adorable little one. It is worth every penny and every sleepless night. My friend just did it also first IVF at age 43 and she is pregnant!
    There is hope for all of us.

  2. Anna Jefferys
    March 30, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    I was 40 when I did IVF, having been told by two doctors that it would be "near-impossible" for me to have a child. I’d split up with my boyfriend in the IVF clinic a month before (he balked) and had to find donor sperm in a hurry. Anyway, point being, despite great odds – not a good FSH level, cysts all over the place, and I produced only 5 eggs through the IVF only ONE of which fertilized – my miracle baby took, and I now have a wonderful 16-month old girl. It is SO worth it, and I am even considering it again despite the VERY long odds.

  3. Vanessa Bee
    January 8, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Hi there, I would like to be a voice of strong hope! I did the ICSI form of IVF in 2010, at age 43, and got pregnant with on my first try – with twins! (Because of my age she transferred 4 embryos so I ended up with multiples)! I know this bucks the odds in a big way, but just to let you know it’s possible! I now have two gorgeous 10 month old boys, they are exhausting and rewarding. so hang in there!

  4. Kristin
    January 4, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    I can offer a second-hand story of hope for IVF in your 40s. A friend of mine was on her 3rd IVF at age 44 and conceived two very healthy babies (fraternal twins), giving birth at age 45. She had some pregnancy complications, but her doctor was really on top of it. The twins just turned 1yo recently and are perfectly healthy. She even carried them to term at 38 weeks! Another story that doesn’t exactly fit, but could still give you some hope, is that I did IVF at age 38 to conceive and 39 to give birth. I grew 10 good follicles; they retrieved 8 eggs; 5 were mature; 4 fertilized; and 2 grew well enough to implant. And I had one perfect little baby! So the numbers went from ten to one, but one is all I need! Good luck! I will also tell you this – I thought pregnancy was way harder than IVF. That could be because I was nauseous for 7.5 months, but maybe that could still set your mind at ease.

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