Choice Mom Myth #3: Fertility success rates

3. It will be a relatively simple process for me to conceive.

The reason Myth #2 is so important to understand, is because of Myth #3. The stories that hit hardest at Choice Mom networking events are the women who are coping with fertility challenges and miscarriage, both factors partly of age. We do hear of women who conceived on the first try and delivered full term – and obviously this is the hope we all carry when we start. But we also commonly hear from women on their 6th attempt at insemination, their second year of trying, grieving after miscarriage. None of them expected it to be as difficult as it can be.

Using donated sperm with our remaining precious eggs is not often a first choice. Eventually many women also discover that using donated eggs or donated embryos are also choices they need to make. Or spending a lot of money for IVF procedures. Some women choose to bypass the uncertainty of conception and opt to adopt, which is a great choice, but also takes time.

I don’t mean to scare anyone with doom and gloom about fertility success rates, but I do want to warn that for every one woman who conceives easily, there are two who don’t. So do consider exploring your options early – even if you aren’t yet ready to proceed. Get fertility tests done with a reputable doctor to find out how much time you might have. Explore adoption to decide if that’s an option for you. [See the resources menu above, and the “adoption” category.]

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