PODCAST: Negotiating with a known donor

There are many things to talk about with a known donor candidate. This Choice Chat podcast covers many of the issues with two unique experts.

First is Jon, who has been asked by three women to consider being a known donor. He talks about the kinds of issues they discussed, and in his case, why none of the requests actually turned into a “yes.”

Second is Ami Jaeger, long-time third-party reproduction law expert, with the Santa Fe-based BioLaw Group. She and I talked about why a written contract with a known donor is important, why the donor’s name should not be on the birth certificate, and even how the law might perceive the parenting roles if a child someday has contact with the donor (known or open-identity).

Click here for podcast.

Also listen to this podcast if you are intending to use at-home insemination.



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