Choice Mom Eguide: Emotions of This Journey

Sometimes we’re afraid of the emotions we feel on the Choice Mom journey to becoming a single mother by choice: grief, loss, jealousy, loneliness, isolation, anger.

They might hit us when we’re Thinking of take this step… Trying (sometimes for a very long time) to become a mother… when newborn days and ongoing logistical stress take their toll.

Sometimes we’re simply stuck trying to answer difficult questions: should I leave a partner who doesn’t want kids? am I ready to start trying? when should I jump off the treatment plan I’m currently on and try something else?

This 28-page Choice Mom EGuide covers all of it — the advice from other women who have been there, therapists who have helped us, and resources and reading to help answer your questions as you cope with the rollercoaster of emotions on this journey.

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Choice Mom: Emotions Content Includes

  • Allowing Emotions
  • Q: Should I Leave My Partner?
  • Q: When Should I Start Trying?
  • Q: Are you tired of the fertility rollercoaster?
  • Five Top Choice Mom Therapists
  • Fears and Regrets
  • Profiles in Courage: Thinkers
  • Profiles in Courage: Tryers
  • Profiles in Courage: Moms
  • Commentary


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