PODCAST: Specialist talks about age related fertility

At the Choice Mom Networking Event in Boston (Summer 2013) we had an opportunity to talk with fertility specialist Dr. Vasiliki Moragianni about age related fertility issues. In this discussion we hear from her about:

  • the difference between seeing a reproductive endocrinologist and an ob/gyn
  • the infertility statute of insurance (applicable in Massachusetts and in many other health plans)
  • recommended fertility testing
  • how — at a basic level — do our eggs work, and when do they start to decline?
  • explaining the timing and impact of menopause
  • why is IVF successful only some of the time?
  • the value of checking SART.org before you select your clinic
  • do single women have the same odds as married couples coming to a clinic with infertility issues?

(Please forgive the sometimes lacking audio quality. I did not have my trusty sound engineer on hand.)


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