NEW: Choice Moms in Canada

CanadaCoverOur latest eguide is dedicated to the large numbers of women in Canada who are seeking options for creating a family on their own. This 30-page eguide about Choice Moms in Canada includes a lot of great information.

  • Sponsor Outreach Health Services offers many pages of insight into the donor selection process, including questions to ask yourself and the ordering process.


  • Advertiser CReATe Fertility Centre offers not only insights about fertility, but ways for women in outlying areas — where clinic access is sparse — to learn what they need from experts.
  • Other expert insights are about the emotions of this choice, naturopathic medicine, picking a doula.
  • We have a robust section of personal stories from women throughout the country sharing their stories and wisdom about wait lists and local clinics: Toronto, Montreal Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton. (Please feel free to send me your stories not covered here.)
  • A favorite story of perseverance is from Merewyn about the long journey to Choice Motherhood for her.

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