Adoption agencies for single parents

It is hard for singles to find proactive friends in the adoption world. This list of Choice Mom-friendly adoption agencies will help you find the right ones. We don’t recommend adoption agencies for single parents unless they are also open to the LGBT community.

1. Help Us Adopt is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) financial assistance grant program providing qualified couples and individuals — regardless of race, ethnicity, marital status, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability — with grants of up to $15,000 towards their domestic, international, foster, or special needs adoption expenses. Phone 917.684.5484; info at They make a strong effort to find LGBT families for their grants.

2. Lynne Jacobs at Adopt Domestic does open adoptions with single women in California and Hawaii, where they do home studies. They work cooperatively with agencies that offer single-parent adoption from Russia. They can do home studies in California and Hawaii for single women adopting from Ethiopia. It usually takes 1-2 years for an adoption placement. She spoke at my first Choice Mom networking event and offered great insights in our “Choice Mom Guide to Adoption” book.

3. Adoptions from the Heart offers a domestic adoption program for single and LGBT communities throughout the United States. The adoption timeframe varies, as they work with pregnant women to choose the right family to raise the child. Contact Kristy Hartley-Galbraith, 610.642.7200, KristyG at

4. I’ve long promoted the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which offers resources to all and is especially involved with foster care adoption. They can offer a free “Step-by-Step Guide to Adoption” and a list of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiters across the U.S., who are seeking families for children waiting in foster care. Phone 614-764-6740.

5. Adoption Advocates International, based in Washington state, works with singles. They sent me a huge packet of information in response to my simple query, so it might be best if you contact them directly for details that suit your particular interests. Their brochure indicates they have been able to place children with minor special needs from Thailand with single women. They also work in Ethiopia. (360) 452-4777

6. World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) accepts single applicants from 50 U.S. states for its Ethiopia and India programs (should be prepared to adopt a child of either gender, a child that is older than age 3, and/or a child that may have a special medical or developmental issue). Its African-American Infant program is open to applicants from all states except New York (due to state-specific laws). Singles and non-traditional couples must be prepared to wait longer than the average married couple to be placed with a child and, ALL families in this program must be open to a child of either gender. Its U.S. Kids program is for applicants from Washington and Oregon; they can place older children who are currently living in U.S. foster care, legally freed for adoption. For single and non-traditional couples, these children are usually age 8 & up, and come from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds.

7. Children’s Connections works with singles and lesbians in its waiting child program, domestic adoption program, and embryo adoption program. Based in Lubbock, Texas, but works with individuals in all states. They have a wonderful introductory package that helps women understand what they do and do not need to pay for during the adoption process. They are a service-based organization that also operates a nutrition and training program for childcare providers.

8. Lee Varon, Cambridge, MA, 917-566-4321
Lee, a psychotherapist in Cambridge, Mass., and an adoptive mother of two, has offered her time to counsel women at Choice Mom networking events on the East Coast. She has written the definitive book about single parent adoption, “Adopting on Your Own: The Complete Guide to Adopting as a Single Parent.”

9. I am a big fan of the Independent Adoption Center, after meeting one of their directors at our Los Angeles event in 2009 (who helped at least one Choice Mom realize that adoption was more accessible to her than she thought). It is a full-service adoption agency focused on infant domestic adoptions. The agency promotes completely open adoptions with a comprehensive set of services for both birth and adoptive families. The IACprovides homestudy services for both domestic and international adoptions. IAC is licensed in California, Georgia, Indiana, North Carolina and Texas, and has facilitated adoptions in 36 additional states. They have regional offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Raleigh and Houston. You can read their blog here.

See this post for two shows on adoption that feature interviews with Jennifer Bliss, of IAC, and single-parent adoption expert Lee Varon.

And don’t forget to check out the Choice Mom Guide to Adoption for an adoption stories in the Choice Mom community.



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  1. Valerie
    November 30, 2010 at 6:52 am

    Wide Horizons for Children also works with singles for both domestic and international adoption. When I first started calling agencies I always asked if they worked with singles and gauged their reaction – a one word answer or the beginning of a conversation? The rep from WHFC and I had a long and wonderful conversation about how they support singles pre and post-adoption.

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