2010 ASRM reproductive medicine news

I couldn’t get to Denver for the 2010 ASRM conference, which featured the latest findings in reproductive health. But I did compile some of the great information links that came out of it.

Here are some of the headlines offered by ASRM news sources:

The rarity of conception includes the lab: Fewer than 8 percent of all tries at making a baby in a lab dish will succeed. Read more about the sample numbers here.

New genetic screening test helps older women trying to conceive: examining cells from 5-day-old embryos can better determine if some are likely to become healthy full-term babies

Women with Type O blood might find it harder to conceive

The American Fertility Association overview of new studies involving fertility

This blog post came from a discussion about parenting over 40, led by Choice Mom friend and therapist Andrea Braverman at the conference.



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