Our Top 6 Choice Mom-friendly therapists

When you are feeling isolated, angry, depressed or confused about the Choice Mom path, the discussion boards have become a good place to vent and share. But sometimes we need someone who not only understands the Thinking to Being stages, but is specifically trained to talk with us about our emotions.

Over the years I have met many wonderful mental health therapists who help Choice Moms in private practice, at fertility clinics and at our Choice Mom networking events.

If you want to join a support group with other women, if you want to talk one-on-one, or if you simply aren’t sure who to turn to to get through a difficult or confusing time, these therapists are on board to give you insight. They’ve contributed financial support to show their commitment to supporting ChoiceMoms.org resources, including sponsorship of the NEW Choice Mom E-Guide: Emotions of This Journey.

Galst21. Joann Paley Galst, New York City, 30 East 60th Street, 917-414-6779
She was the first therapist I met who is specialized in fertility, donor conception, pregnancy loss and single parenthood. And characteristically, she was the first to offer her practice as a sponsoring therapist on ChoiceMoms.org. She has led intimate discussions at many Choice Mom events, including out-of-town locations, and has been interviewed by me for the Choice Chat podcast about “what every single woman should know before becoming a Choice Mom” and “talking out loud about grief”. She has also contributed to the discussion “are you tired of the fertility rollercoaster?” and “questions to ask your sperm bank.”

2. Madeline Feingold, Berkeley/Walnut Creek, 510-540-8715madeline_feingold-web
She was recommended to me by Diane Ehrensaft, an author/therapist I respect highly for her book about donor-conceived families. Madeline works with kids, adults and families on fertility counseling, alternative family building, single parenting, loss and more. Although it was not specifically written for single women, she has written this article about healthy donor-conceived families for the American Fertility Association. Through many conversations with her over the years, including her participation in our Bay Area networking events, I know that she is well suited for the Choice Mom community.

Krista Post, co-founder of Choice Circle: The Trying Journey

Krista Post, co-founder of Choice Circle: The Trying Journey

3. Krista Post, 612-296-3800, St. Louis Park, Minnesota
After leading discussion with Thinkers and Tryers at our Minnesota event in 2010, Krista launched a support group specifically for Choice Moms. She is especially supportive of Choice Mom resources for women who are thinking about this choice, struggling to conceive, and new moms.In 2014, she and I are launching a monthly online support group. Use keyword “Krista Post” in search box above to learn more.

Deborah and I at recent ASRM convention

Deborah and I at recent ASRM convention

4. Deborah Simmons, Minnesota, 763-546-5797. I have had the pleasure of meeting Deborah at several conferences for mental health professionals specializing in fertility at the annual convention for reproductive medicine. She has a specialty in pregnancy loss, postpartum depression and infertility counseling. We will be working on special new resources for Choice Moms in 2014. Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/drdeborahsimmons, Twitter @DebSimmonsPhD and Partners in Healing of Minneapolis @PartnersHealing.

5. Gail Zarbin L.C.S.W., Oak Park/Chicago, IL, 312-502-8367
She has been our go-to resource for therapy in the Chicago area, where she helped lead our conversation at a Choice Mom networking event in 2012.

patriciaMendell6. Patricia Mendell, New York, 212-819-1778 or Brooklyn, 718-230-9383No one has offered her time more often to Choice Mom events than Patricia, who has long talked with our community about the importance of asking the right questions.

[Note: I am also available for personal phone consultations if what you are looking for is about the practicalities of the Choice Mom lifestyle, rather than the emotions of grief, loss, stress, so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in.]

Use this link to also find a state-by-state directory of other therapists who have been recommended to the Choice Mom community.



  3 comments for “Our Top 6 Choice Mom-friendly therapists

  1. Cyndi
    January 14, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Does anyone have a recommendation for Georgia? I would feel better if I could talk my reasons out with a therapist before jumping into this, but I’d prefer to find one who’s at least open to the Choice Mom route, so I don’t have to spend all my time defending against the common belief that you HAVE to have two parents to have a good family, and can explore my reasons for wanting to do this.

  2. Julia
    November 14, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    Dear Ms. Morrissette,
    I am a 36 year old who has recently been diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve. I am now considering embryo donation, but I feel I would really benefit from talking to someone about all of this. I live in Phoenix, AZ. Do you have any recommendations, or know where I might find a therapist in this area?

  3. Michelle
    October 6, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    I am looking for a therapist familiar with SMC issues in the Los Angeles area.

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