PODCAST: Before becoming a single mother by choice

Joann Paley GalstWhat should a woman know before becoming a single mother by choice? Recorded at the New York City Choice Mom event, this podcast features mental health counselor Joann Paley Galst discussing the basic tips she offers any single woman who is considering Choice Motherhood.

In a more detailed conversation with Dr. Galst, we talk about the intense feelings that were brought up in a Choice Mom workshop by single women who are making the decision to raise a family on their own, by women who are facing fertility challenges, and by moms who are sometimes trying to be stoic or quiet about the difficulties they face.

We talked about how important it is for Choice Moms to be able to share not only the joy of parenting, but the grief of single parenting, with other Choice Moms — in the existing online communities, but also in face-to-face experiences. We discussed the issues women tend to think through before they make this choice and the importance of male role models.


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