PODCAST: Finding a sperm bank



ChoiceMoms.org has a lot of information about finding a sperm bank and using donor sperm.” use the Search function and the Category list at right. [See also our Eguide about choosing a sperm bank.]

There are important changes needed, and slowly happening, in the donor sperm industry. On this Choice Chat show from 2008 I talk with three people about what anyone should understand and think about before finding a sperm bank and choosing a sperm donor.

  • Jessica,  (then) a Choice Mom-in-the-making, about what she learned in researching 26 U.S. sperm banks.
  • Dr. Charles Sims, co-founder of California Cryobank, about the progress being made in industry reform.
  • Alice Ruby, director of The Sperm Bank of California, the only non-profit sperm bank in the U.S., who defines what consumers need to look for when selecting a sperm bank.


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