PODCAST and EGUIDE: Genetic testing of sperm donors

When we’re creating life using reproductive technology, it is nice to think that our carefully selected sperm, combined with egg thanks to the help of a fertility doctor and/or lab embryologist, will lead to a perfectly healthy baby. But, that’s not always true. Which is why genetic testing can be an important step.

Thanks to two sponsors, I’m able to offer the Choice Mom Eguide: About Genetics, as well as a podcast interview about genetic testing with GenePeeks co-founder Anne Morriss.

EGUIDE on Genetic Testing

1. In the Choice Mom Eguide, made possible because of sponsor funding by GenePeeks, we learn what genetic testing technology enables us to learn about sperm donors, embryos, and our own DNA, both before implantation and after pregnancy.

  • What can go wrong?
  • How can a genetic counselor help?
  • Can we keep donor-conceived children safer from anomalies?
  • And how, really, does genetics work (a basic primer)?


In the podcast accessible below, we talk to Anne Morriss about:

  • the rare genetic issue that led Anne to create the company
  • what new technology enables geneticists to see — and not see
  • the nature of recessive genes
  • how GenePeeks weeds out about 15 percent of sperm donors whose particular combination with a woman’s genetic make-up might be best to avoid.

Though the GenePeeks service is not for everyone, it is new technology for those who are seeking to minimize certain unanticipated risks.

AUTHOR: The Genome Factor

In a different Choice Chat radio show, I was able to talk with author April Lynch (“The Genome Factor”) about what we can know — and should know — about our child’s genetic health, even if we don’t know the birth parents or donor.


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