PODCAST: two full shows on adoption options

There are two complete “Choosing Single Motherhood” radio shows about adoption options that I did in 2009, available on our Choice Chat podcast.

Myths and Realities of Single-Parent Adoption

Private domestic adoption is an underestimated choice for many single women, largely because we tend to assume it’s too expensive, the wait time is too long, and that a birth parent in an open adoption (which is much more common these days) is more likely to pick a married couple with money. We hear from women who are considering adoption, and address their concerns with adoption attorney Micah Salb and Independent Adoption Center agent Jennifer Bliss. We also discuss the fact that attempting to conceive can take as long, and cost as much, as the adoption process.

Simplifying the Adoption Process

This conversation with Lee Varon, author of “Adopting On Your Own” helps to make the adoption process less overwhelming for the single woman. We talk about the options, the process, the practical issues, and how to pick the right adoption agency. We answer specific questions from Choice Moms — and celebrate the fact that “choice mom,” a term I coined in my Choosing Single Motherhood book, was contender for 2009 word of the year by New Oxford American dictionary publishers.


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