For D.C. Choice Moms

We’ve had several Choice Mom networking events in the Washington D.C. area. Including a 2016 National Zoo conversation on Father’s Day, when my teenage kids talked to a group of single mothers by choice about growing up without a dad. If you are looking for resources for Choice Moms in D.C., here are a few of the specialists in the area who have been especially useful to our extensive community there.

abbasiad2Dr. Rafat Abbasi, Columbia Fertility Associates

A long-time sponsor of Choice Mom resources, Dr. Abbasi, of Columbia Fertility Associates, has offered her insights at multiple workshops, as well as in articles for this website, responses for Q&A from our discussion boards, and our e-guides. Such as:

Other Resources for Choice Moms in D.C.

Choice Mom networking event 2010

Choice Mom networking event 2010

Dr. Rafat Abbasi and Claudia Booker

Dr. Rafat Abbasi, Columbia Fertility Associations (in yellow) and doula Claudia Booker (in blue)